"One of the reason why I don’t like the word "famous", because then people use it afterwards. And they go like, ‘He used to be famous’ or ‘He’s not famous anymore’. And it’s like, just this weird thing of, like, I was a guy before, I was the same guy during and I’m the same guy afterwards. But people think they can label your life." - Harry Styles

@harry_styles Orange orange orange.  

San Siro, Milan - June 29 x

Okay so I’ve definitely decided to delete this blog and just go with my main account which you can find here. If you’re wondering yes I still love One Direction and I blog about them a good amount on my other blog…I’ve just decided to move on from this blog. Now it feels a lot like a chore to go on this account which is no good. 

I really really really want you guys to feel free to follow my other blog though …especially my few mutuals who haven’t yet because I miss some of you! I love you guys and it’s been a nice time. I’ll probably delete in a few days or maybe weeks…it really just depends. Thanks :)